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ba farms hatOur journey began in the 70’s while David was raised on a family farm in Eaton, OH.  That farm grew from 250 acres to over 2,000 in the late 80’s.

Growing up, David was a part of one of the largest and most respected farming operations in the area.  His father owned the first Allis Chalmers Gleaner combine in the region as well as the first Allis Chalmers 4W-305 4 wheel drive tractor shipped from the factory.  David’s father was a combine operator for Allis Chalmers at the National Farm Science Show in Columbus and also played a role in aspects of new Gleaner product development.

As time passed, nothing sounded better than the excitement of life outside the farm.  An interest in music took David out of the farm and into the city where he would carry on a career in retail sales at Fortune 500 companies and later as a manufactures representative, touring a 7 state territory. Servicing the likes of Grammy Award winning artists such as Price, Rush, The Steve Miller Band, FOX Entertainment, Disney and many more.

Technology and computing was a large interest and part of that music scene.  And with the advent of the Internet, so took a turn in David’s career path.  He took employment in that market where he has produced large-scale computing, eCommerce and hosting services for Cummins, AAA, Trimble and many other companies. His code has transacted multiple millions of dollars in sales, protected billions of dollars in financial assets, kept Broadway touring groups in step, and been used in the field for service mechanics, road technicians and end users.

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Now some 20 years later… after much sole searching and health issues… the rather unexpected return to agriculture was made.  The love of tactile production.  The love of being outside again.  The love of seeing through a complete crop production.  They all came together to fill a missing part of life for David. It has become a passion and a part of life that we all together continue to develop and grow as a family.

David if he were a robot... and we think he might actually be a robot...

Depiction of David if he were a robot… (btw, and we think he might actually be a robot…)


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