Cropping Partnerships

Small Farms Care… Get The Personal and Timely Service You Deserve.

BA Farms provides complete crop growth life cycle management, covering tillage through harvest.  We have experience in conventional crop production methods and continually educate ourselves in the industry best practices.

As a small family farm, we care about all aspects of our operation.  When expanding those operations, we take a very careful look at the opportunity and make sure we can not only service the work, but also create a long term relationship.  Our goal is to make make a trusted and comfortable partnership as we provide responsible and rewarding stewardship to your land.

We are currently seeking land for rent or partnership in the Montgomery and Warren County areas.  Whether your interest is in cash rental of your ground, or in a percentage based profit share, we are flexible and willing to work with you in any way possible.  And our goal is to return land in better, or at minimum current condition.


If you have interest in speaking with us, we welcome the opportunity.

Also, you can also check out our Ag Lease Contracts page for more information on agricultural partnerships and relationship starting points.

Cropping Parntership Contact Request