BA Farms Cattle can be purchased direct.  We offer not only Angus, but also Jersey and other breeds of beef.

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Our cattle are raised on open pasture, fed natural pasture grasses and provided protein nutrition and corn blends.  Minimal medications are applied as needed and no growth hormones are ever used. All livestock is fed/watered/monitored daily to ensure a healthy herd.  We strongly believe in the humane treatment of the animals on the time on our farm.  And the resulting quality of the meat is exceptional.

Most importantly, we are very flexible and will work with you as much as possible to simplify the purchase process.

We work with you to make the purchase process as easy as possible. From the selection of product, to payment and delivery. It’s not any more difficult than going to your local grocer, just a little different (and much higher quality).

Meat cuts are processed by a USDA inspected facility and packaged for resale. We sell direct at a few farmer’s markets, at our farm in Waynesville, OH and can also deliver directly to your door.

Whole cattle are generally sold in coordination with Davidson’s Processing in Waynesville, OH.   You will choose the portion (1/2 or whole), then choose the cuts and remit payment to BA Farms.  Your processing will take place and the meat can be picked up directly at Davidson’s.

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