Hog Order Form

BA Farms hogs are ready for purchase. Weighing in around the 250 lb. mark, our hogs are free of antibiotics and steroids and have been raised with plenty of sunshine.

250 lb whole hog
35 lbs. ham
24 lbs loin (chops/roasts)
28 lbs shoulder (roasts/steaks)
28 lbs belly (bacon/spare ribs)
15 lbs. sausage
128 lbs of pork

We will contact you ASAP with final arrangements on your order. Remember, these prices include all processing. There are no hidden charges. Do note that you have options with the processor to perform special cuts or seasonings. These are optional and would be an additional fee paid directly to the processor.

We accept PayPal and major credit cards. There is a 3% fee for those services 🙁

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